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Acne Medication

By Moshy
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Key takeaway

We know the struggle of finding the right acne solution. At Moshy, we've seen countless individuals frustrated with generic over-the-counter options and overwhelmed by the thought of seeking multiple specialists.

That's why we offer a personalised approach to acne treatment. Through our platform, you'll connect with qualified Australian doctors who will assess your unique skin concerns and recommend the most effective treatment plan for you.

When it comes to acne medication, we know that personalisation is key. We’ve seen it before – people of different age ranges desperately trying to find the best medication for acne – from over-the-counter generic options to topical solutions. But finding answers on your own doesn’t always yield the best results; we’ve seen how it doesn’t work without the guidance of a doctor.

Here at Moshy, we’re dedicated to bringing you simple skincare. Instead of looking for that magical acne pill online, why don’t you join us and learn about our personalised solutions? Through our premium service, you can receive oral treatments as well as topical skin medication such as gels, lotions, and acne treatment cream

Our treatment products contain ingredients that have been scientifically proven to help with acne, so you know you’re not using any run-of-the-mill option.

The Moshy doctor experience

Here at Moshy, we give you treatment plans backed by clinically proven research and studies. Not only that, but our doctors will only make recommendations that are personalised to fit your specific needs. This is because we are a 100% online women’s health platform that has all the primary features of an anti-ageing clinic and weight loss clinic. You can stop spending hours searching for a separate skincare doctor, or weight loss doctor – you can tackle a wide range of concerns here at Moshy.

With our services, you can consult with one of our independent Australian doctors. Take advantage of our online platform for consultations about your skin concerns – through calls, video chats, or texts.

In our online platform, we hire our AHPRA-registered doctors as contractors, so you can rest assured knowing they are not obliged to prescribe you a particular medication if it’s not necessary; they will only ever recommend what is most appropriate for your specific condition and needs based on their clinical assessment.

How does acne medication work?

There are a number of acne medications with varying ingredients available. However, all of them have one main purpose: to improve skin clarity. Here’s a brief overview of how they provide anti-acne effects:[1] 

  • Topical medication. This type of medication usually comes in the form of creams and thin liquids. When it is applied onto your skin, it helps in lessening inflammation and killing the excess bacteria your body has already produced.

Uncertain about over-the-counter generic acne medication options? Don’t worry, Moshy has just the treatment for you as we provide personalised oral and topical treatments. With us, you can use treatment plans that are tailored by your doctor and suited to your needs.

How to apply acne medication?

Instead of experimenting with over-the-counter generic treatments on your own, our solutions at Moshy allow you to have hands-on experience. Our topical medication is simple and easy to use!

Start your routine by washing your face with a cleanser that is not harsh on the skin. If you’re unsure about what specific cleanser you should use,  Moshy also carries essential skincare products that can be delivered through the same subscription service.

Next, based on the directions your Moshy doctor gave you during your consultation, squeeze the recommended amount of topical acne medication onto your fingertips. Doing this allows you to visualise and control how much product you are going to use. This technique also allows for a more precise application on the face.

Rub the treatment on your hands and then gently pat your face. Once most of the surface area is covered, gently rub in the dollops so that an even coating is formed. This ensures all areas are evenly treated, not just the parts where acne is prevalent. Afterwards, make sure to wash your hands to remove medication from there, ensuring it only works where you want it to – on your face.

Lastly, leave the personalised medication on your face overnight and continue this process daily. Note that your body may take some time to adapt to the treatment, so keep your doctor posted about your progress during follow-up consultations.

How long does it take for the medication to work?

This depends on your skin type and what you’re looking to treat. When you use over-the-counter generic acne medication, substantial results (reduction in blackheads, whiteheads, and scars) may take as short as four weeks or as long as eight weeks.[2] For some people, it tends to get worse before it gets better as the skin is still getting used to the new regimen. It's important to give your products enough time before you and your doctor decide if they are working for you or not, and if you require a change in treatment. Remember: consistency is key to treating acne.

Here at Moshy, we understand that skin can be very sensitive and often reacts differently – even to pharmacist-level solutions. That is why we focus on a personalised option that is based on your specific skin. With our services, you can enjoy consultations with Australian doctors, allow them to make a conclusive diagnosis about your skin’s health, and have our topical medication delivered right to your door. 

Apply to be a Moshy patient today and benefit from constant follow-ups and automatic refills as you need them!

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