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How Is Body Fat Calculated

How Is Body Fat Calculated

By Moshy
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How Is Body Fat Calculated

A common question that people ask when looking up how many calories should I eat to lose weight and ‘How is body fat calculated?’ Because body fat composition is one indicator of health and fitness, it’s important to have yours checked by a healthcare professional. By doing so, you can approach your weight goal safely and correctly. If you’re wondering ‘How is body fat calculated?’ and body fat’s role in weight loss, consult a doctor. 

Moshy the women's online health platform has a network of AHPRA-registered doctors across Australia, allowing you to connect with them virtually from anywhere you are. Aside from ‘How is body fat calculated?’ Moshy doctors will be happy to address any other health questions you have. You may consult your doctor in the comfort and privacy of your own home, so you can talk about your concerns with confidence. 

Learn more about body fat percentage, body mass index, and other factors that contribute to weight loss below.

What is the difference between BMI and body fat percentage?

Some people who ask ‘How is body fat calculated?’ confuse body fat percentage with body mass index (BMI). The primary difference between them is that BMI is the height-to-weight ratio, while body fat percentage is calculated by dividing total body fat by weight.[1] Both measurements help you monitor your fitness progress or weight loss, so it’s ideal to work with a professional who can customise your weight loss plan based on your BMI and body fat percentage. 

Moshy doctors consider all factors that affect weight loss when creating the ideal weight loss program for you. At Moshy, you may get a weight loss program that is tailored to your unique weight goals and needs to increase your chances of achieving your desired results. If you choose to proceed with your doctor’s recommended weight loss plan, you will get a comprehensive guide, including a weekly diet plan for weight loss that you can easily follow and sustain for better weight management.

What is the average body fat percentage for men and women?

Average body fat percentages are a reference if you’re asking, ‘How is body fat calculated?’ The average numbers vary across genders, ages, and other categories. 

For younger women, a body fat percentage of 21% to 32% is considered healthy, while older women should have 24% to 35% body fat.[2] On the other hand, the ideal range for younger men is between 8% to 19%,[3] while older men should have around 13% to 24% body fat. 

It can be confusing, however, to analyse your own results and reflect them into your current meal plan for weight loss or other components of your weight loss program. Doctors can help you identify what your body fat percentage should be so that you can have a realistic goal and align your weight loss activities accordingly. 

Moshy makes it easier to get the ideal solution for you that is suited to your unique body weight, amount of fat, and any existing health conditions. Simply answer the questionnaire on our platform, and a Moshy doctor will reach out to you to discuss your ideal course of action. You may choose to end the consultation after getting advice from your doctor or proceed with their recommended program if any. 

The necessary supplies for the program will be delivered discreetly to your doorstep if you decide to proceed with your doctor’s proposed solution. 

How do I lower my body fat percentage naturally?

Now that you know how body fat is calculated, you must be wondering how to lower the amount of fat you have to reach a healthy body fat percentage. Regular exercise combined with the best diet for weight loss that suits you can increase your chances of lowering your body fat ratio. Instead of following random diet tips and workout regimens online, it’s best to consult your doctor on what are the safest methods for you to trim down body fat. 

Moshy weight loss programs come with meal replacement shakes that can help you stick to your meal plan guide consistently. They are easy to prepare, so they make a convenient meal option for people on the go. When you are in a caloric deficit, the shakes also help fill your nutrient gaps with the essential nutrients your body needs to lose weight safely. 

We offer a subscription service where, if needed, your weight loss shakes and other products recommended by your doctor can be replenished as you need them. You can cancel your subscription for free if you wish to do so for any reason and at any point in your program. 

You also get ongoing support from your doctor with your Moshy weight loss program. If you have any questions aside from ‘How is body fat calculated?’ or other health concerns, your doctor will be happy to address them for you. You can consult your doctor via text, call, or video chat for science-backed advice you can rely on. 

Moshy is a platform dedicated to women’s health. We have previously helped thousands with weight loss, skin health, acne, and other health concerns. We can also connect you to a trained doctor if you have any health concerns and want to address them privately from your home. You are free to switch to a different Moshy doctor if you feel like your current one is not your best match. 

Learn how body fat is calculated and get answers to other health-related questions at Moshy. Schedule a call with a Moshy doctor at your most convenient time.

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