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The Best Foods For Weight Loss

Meal Plan for Weight Loss

By Moshy
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Key Takeaways

Discover effective weight loss strategies with our guide to creating a healthy meal plan. Learn portion control, food swaps, and tips for delicious, balanced meals. Start your weight loss journey now!

If you’ve been looking up ‘how to lose weight’ on the internet, then you probably already know that an effective meal plan for weight loss is vital to your success. The principle of weight loss is simple: energy intake should be less than energy expenditure, so a sustainable diet program should definitely be a part of your weight loss plan complemented by regular exercise. 

Of course, this doesn’t mean that these are the only two components that you should focus on when trying to lose weight. Aside from following a healthy weight loss meal plan and adopting active lifestyle habits, your medical history and genetics also come to play in the equation. And because everyone has unique weight loss situations, needs, and goals, customised weight loss programs are the safest and most effective ideal approach to weight loss. 

Mosh works with a team of health practitioners who can create a personalised weight loss treatment just for you. The health practitioner will consider all the factors that affect your weight, not just diet. On top of that, you get ongoing consultations so your health practitioner can ensure that you are making real progress. 

Why is meal planning important for weight loss?

Although a caloric deficit is not the only way to lose weight, it certainly plays a huge role in your weight loss success. Every meal plan for weight loss has one thing in common – to get you to eat fewer calories than you burn. A healthy weight loss meal plan doesn’t just focus on feeding you fewer calories, it also makes sure you get enough nutrition to stay healthy. A healthy eating plan for weight loss is optimally balanced between different food groups to provide nutrients such as fibre – from fruits, vegetables, and grains – and protein from lean meats, fish, milk, nuts, and eggs, as well as a variety of other essential macros.[1]

Your Mosh health practitioner will create the best meal plan to lose weight tailored to your weight loss needs and goals. Mosh health practitioners will not just throw a meal plan for weight loss that you should follow; they will make sure that it is sustainable for you so you can stick to it every day and achieve faster results. Your Mosh weight loss program will also come with weight loss shakes which will replace some of your daily meals to make mealtime more convenient, enjoyable, and healthy for you.

Because of how easy these meal replacement shakes are to prepare, you are more likely to follow your recommended Mosh meal plan for weight loss in the long run. 

What's the best meal plan to lose weight?

For a meal plan for weight loss to be effective, it should help you cut back on calories. This means that the ideal meal plan is calorie-restrictive yet emphasises high-quality, healthy foods, and minimises low-quality foods at the same time. Your meal plan should mostly consist of unrefined processed foods, or at least minimally processed, like whole grains, healthy fats, and protein while highly processed foods like those with refined sugar, fried foods, and high-glycemic foods should be avoided as much as possible. The idea is to not just focus on reducing calorie intake but choosing good calories overall to maintain a healthy weight instead of just losing weight for the sake of getting slimmer. [2]

At Mosh, you will receive a personalised meal plan for weight loss that is safe for you to follow. Keeping track of how many calories you need to lose weight and stay healthy at the same time can be tricky to do on your own so our health practitioners will do that on your behalf instead. The meal replacement shakes that come in your program also make it easier to control your portion sizes; no need to weigh food gram by gram which can be a lot of hassle. The shakes will be delivered discreetly to your address and we will send new stocks whenever you need replenishments as well, so you never have to run out of them. 

How long should you follow the meal plan for weight loss?

An effective meal plan for weight loss typically takes effect on your body within two to four weeks of consistently sticking to it. This varies from person to person, of course, given the unique physiological composition and weight loss progress of an individual. Don’t give up right away if you feel like your meal plan is not working for you. To give a diet plan for weight loss a fair chance, you should try to stick to it for at least 30 days before deciding that it’s not the right one for you. 

At Mosh, you can consult your health practitioner any time you have concerns with your calorie plan for weight loss or any aspect of your Mosh weight loss program. You can reach your health practitioners via text, call, or video chat to seek their advice about your weight loss journey including such questions as "what to eat for weight loss?". You also get access to a supportive community where you can get the motivation to continue to stick to your recommended program and a comprehensive dashboard to keep track of your progress. 

Find the right weight loss plan for you today by simply taking this quick quiz! Before you know it, you’re already a step closer to your dream body through a healthy routine and meal plan for weight loss tailored just for you. 

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