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The Best Foods For Weight Loss

What Are Foods That Help You Lose Weight?

By Moshy
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Losing weight is a goal that many of us share – it is likely that you understand this because of your search for ‘What are foods that help you lose weight?’

However, it can be difficult to know what foods are actually good for slimming down and which ones aren’t. As you research weight loss methods online, you may see tons of varying information.

This is where seeking professional help comes in. Moshy doctors can help determine which approach would be best for your needs, safety, and preference. They can help identify what are foods that help you lose weight and address your other health concerns. 

With your unique condition in mind, our doctors prepare recommendations and  – if necessary – evidence-based treatment plans or medication for weight loss.

What are some examples of natural weight loss foods?

If you’re looking to slim down, it’s crucial to know what are foods that help you lose weight while making sure you’re getting the essential nutrients.

Vegetables and fruits such as blueberries, bell peppers, bananas, and apples, – these are just a few of the natural weight loss foods that you can eat for a healthier body as well. Research shows that these foods are rich in a specific kind of antioxidant flavonoids, which can help curb weight gain.[1]

On top of that, due to their inherent sweetness, fruits may help satisfy sugar cravings. If you are craving something sweet but concerned about your calorie and fat intake, go for fruit instead of cookies or cakes.[2]

The key to a good weight loss journey is eating a healthy diet full of natural foods and exercising regularly.[3] Aside from acting as weight loss aids, these two options can give you more energy every day and lessen the risks of many health problems.[4]

At Moshy, our expert team is mainly interested in helping you get healthier and more fit. Aside from raising a query on what are foods that help you lose weight, you may ask our doctors questions like ‘how to reduce body fat?’ and ‘how many calories should I eat per day?’ during consultations to know which vegetables and fruits for weight loss would best fit your needs.

How do I lose weight through food?

If you’re trying to lose weight, it’s important to eat a balanced diet that includes fruits and vegetables. These foods contain fibre, which helps you feel full so that you don’t overeat and have a lower number of calories in your diet.

Their milder impact on blood sugar and insulin levels may make them effective appetite suppressants.[5] There are benefits for disease prevention due to the slower carbohydrate-processing healthful meals, and there is also evidence that they may aid in weight maintenance.[6]

In your search for ‘What are foods that help you lose weight?’, you may also find out that with protein from healthy foods, your body can boost the energy that’s burned due to its positive thermic effects.[7]

You can lose weight through food in a variety of ways. But if you want to know how to lose weight quickly, Moshy has got you covered. To get started, take a free weight loss quiz that will help a Moshy doctor prepare a personalised recommendation for you.

Do weight loss drinks really work?

Aside from determining what are foods that help you lose weight, beverages are another factor to consider when it comes to shedding kilos.

There is one short answer: weight loss drinks are not a substitute for healthy eating, but they can be a supplement that helps you lose weight. 

These drinks should always be used in addition to a healthy diet and exercise – they won’t magically make you thinner just by drinking them. 

However, weight loss drinks may also help fill you up until your next meal so that you feel less hungry and eat less at meals. On top of that, some of these drinks also help in decreasing the risks of many diseases [8] and aid in metabolic processes.[9] Water, tea, apple cider vinegar,[10] and protein and meal replacement shakes are some common examples of such.

You can talk with a Moshy doctor about any of these weight loss drinks and bring up concerns related to body weight.

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So aside from wondering ‘What are foods that help you lose weight?’, you can also consider looking into exercise routines and changing your lifestyle. However, it all comes down to how your overall health is, how long you can do regimens, and what your wants are. 

At Moshy the platform for women's health online, you can conveniently gain a better understanding of your health and how to manage it. We understand that with a busy lifestyle, you want to change your weight without having to make amends to your schedule.

Our services are all online, which means you can get better health without taking time to travel to a physical clinic. If you have concerns about mental health, or skincare, a Moshy doctor is always willing to help you. 

Ready to take care of yourself more efficiently? Consult a Moshy doctor today.  

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