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How To Lose Belly Fat Through Exercise

How To Lose Belly Fat Through Exercise

By Moshy
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Abdominal obesity, or centrally located fat, has long been linked with health risks such as cardiovascular diseases, dementia, asthma, and some cancers.[1] Many people already know this, so they search for effective ways on how to lose belly fat through exercise. The good news is that evidence from various studies suggests physical activity can have beneficial influences on reducing abdominal and visceral fat.[2]

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When learning more about how to lose belly fat through exercise, there are many important considerations. Our discussion below offers helpful insights so you can make more informed decisions when it comes to your health. 

Are cardio exercises the best for burning belly fat?

Cardio or aerobic exercises are among the most popular weight loss exercises, so many look into them when learning how to lose belly fat through exercise. While aerobic exercises alone have been shown to prevent weight gain, studies show that combining aerobics with resistance training leads to optimal results, specifically in reducing abdominal fat while preserving muscle mass.[3] 

Walking can also be a great physical activity to incorporate into a weight loss plan, as studies show it can help combat abdominal obesity, in obese women.[4] But even when you learn potential ways to lose belly fat through exercise, it’s still crucial to consult a doctor to ensure that it’s safe and appropriate for you. 

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If necessary, your Moshy doctor will schedule a consultation to further discuss other factors that may affect your weight.

Can menopause cause stomach fat in women?

When figuring out how to lose belly fat through exercise, it’s important to understand that aside from weight gain and certain medical conditions, age can also affect the increase in belly fat, especially among women.[5] 

Women who enter menopause are at a greater risk of obesity and abdominal fat distribution, both of which are linked to increased health risks. Shifts in fat distribution among women during menopause may be caused by an increase in the androgen-estrogen ratio.[6] Menopausal women can benefit from aerobic and resistance training to enhance their fat distribution and reduce their risk of diseases.[7]

Because various factors come into play when it comes to how to lose belly fat through exercise or how to lose fat in general, it’s important to have an individualised solution or treatment. Depending on what you need, your Moshy doctor may recommend a customised weight loss plan for you that comes with ongoing consultations with your doctor. 

Through these consultations, your doctor can monitor your progress and make adjustments to your programme if there are any changes in your weight or health situation. Your Moshy doctor will also happily address questions like ‘How many calories should I eat in a day?’ or any other question you may have related to weight loss. 

What is the easiest diet for getting rid of lower belly fat?

Some people gain belly fat due to a poor diet; improving one’s nutrition along with making the necessary lifestyle adjustments can help prevent belly fat gain or enhance body fat distribution.[8] Several dietary approaches are recommended for treating obesity in adults, each with a different caloric and macronutrient composition, like low-carbohydrate, high-protein, very low-calorie, or Mediterranean diets. [9]

However, not everyone will find a certain weight loss diet effective for them; in general, the optimal diet for someone to lose belly fat or overall weight is one that is tailored to their needs to ensure that it’s safe, effective, nutritious, culturally acceptable, and aimed at long-term weight management.[10] 

It’s important to set realistic weight loss goals and stick to a healthy diet based on your needs, preferences, and medical conditions, and your Moshy doctor can help you with that. If necessary for your situation, your Moshy doctor will also prepare regular meal plan guides.

Your Moshy doctor may also include weight loss smoothies in your weight loss plan if they fit your needs and you agree to take them. Since they’re a convenient meal option for people on the go, there’s no need to search endlessly for ‘what foods to eat for weight loss’ whenever it’s mealtime.

Moshy understands that some people are hesitant to visit a traditional weight loss clinic because they fear being judged by other patients. That’s why Moshy enables you to consult a doctor from the privacy and comfort of your own home – you can speak as freely as you like without worrying that others might overhear your health concerns or questions about how to lose belly fat through exercise. 

When you’re ready to address your weight loss concerns, know that Moshy is here to help you get the support you need and deserve.

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