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How To Lose Weight Without Exercise

By Moshy
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There are many reasons why people want to know how to lose weight without exercise. Perhaps they don’t have the time to exercise, may be injured, or have a health condition that prevents them from being able to exercise. Some people simply don’t enjoy exercise, so they prefer to find other ways to lose weight.

It’s best to consult a doctor who can walk you through all the alternatives if you prefer not to do intense physical activity as part of your weight loss plan. With Moshy, you can connect with licensed doctors who can provide clinically-backed recommendations like diets and meal replacement shakes if necessary for your situation.

What are the common steps to lose weight?

There are a few different ways to lose weight, so you can explore your options to find out which approaches suit your lifestyle best.

Food and diet

Eating healthier foods and fewer calories can help you lose weight. According to research, healthy food choices and diet patterns may prevent weight gain. Choose whole foods that have been minimally processed, such as whole grains, vegetables, fruits, plant oils, fish, nuts, poultry, and beans. Also, reduce your consumption of sugary drinks and highly processed foods.[1]


Adding physical activity to your diet allows you to burn more calories compared to dieting alone, meaning you can be more successful at losing weight.[2] Exercise is an important component of any weight loss program, but if you’re unable to do rigorous exercises such as cardio or weight lifting, you may find lower-impact alternatives like walking instead. 

You might want to ask your doctor how many steps a day is needed for weight loss so you can focus on that instead of routine exercises. 

Evidence-based treatments

While some people can find effective ways on how to lose weight without exercise, others are unable to do so due to a variety of factors and reasons. Individualised weight loss treatment options may  maximise patient outcomes since the approach is tailored to the person’s unique goals and circumstances.

Evidence-based weight loss interventions from Moshy are a great option to consider. Moshy doctors will work with you on an individual basis to make sure that you have the best possible experience. Your doctor will assess your situation to get a comprehensive picture of your health history, lifestyle, diet and fitness habits. They will then provide you with the necessary medical, over-the-counter, or coaching solutions to meet your individual needs.

Finding out more about how to lose weight without exercise can help you better understand your body and whether or not losing weight without exercise is possible for you. The discussion below might help. 

What options do I have if I cannot exercise to lose weight?

At least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity is recommended every week to reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer, and obesity.[3] However, most people don’t have the time to visit the gym every day, so they try to find ways on how to lose weight without exercise. The good news is that it’s possible to remain active without actually working out or engaging in sports. 

By simply doing the chores at home, such as sweeping the floors or dusting the cabinets, you can burn calories at the same time. If you have kids, play with them more often; it gets you moving in a unique way that doesn’t require you to go to the gym. Dance when you’re enjoying music, too – even if it’s only for five minutes, even those short periods of movement will add up.

Your doctor can introduce you to more weight loss options that don’t require rigorous strength training or exercise. The good thing about consulting Moshy doctors is that they will consider all the factors that may be affecting your weight to create a customised weight loss plan for you if needed. By taking the free health quiz, you can let our doctors know about your health scenario. 

If your doctor needs more information, they may request a one-on-one virtual consultation with you to ask you for information regarding your medical history and other health markers. You’re more than welcome to ask your doctors for answers to questions like ‘how to burn belly fat?’ and ‘How many calories should you eat per day to lose weight?’ to help with your fitness goals.

Is it possible to burn fat even without working out?

People looking for answers to ‘how to lose weight without exercise’ will be pleased to know that it’s possible to lose weight through simple lifestyle habits that have nothing to do with intense exercise regimens. By consuming foods rich in protein and soluble fibre, you can help prevent weight gain. Also, use smaller plates,[4] eat more slowly,[5] and drink more water to aid the weight loss process.[6]

You may find it beneficial, however, not to try different weight loss interventions all at once; experiment with one technique for some time and then try another if that method works well for you. Make sure to consult a doctor to improve your chances of staying safe and healthy while trying out different approaches to weight loss. 

Many different weight loss interventions are available, and it can be difficult to know which is right for you. Consulting with a Moshy doctor can help you understand your options and make an informed decision about which intervention is likely to be the most effective for you. 

Additionally, a Moshy doctor can provide guidance and support throughout your weight loss journey, helping you to stay on track and reach your goals. If your Moshy doctor recommends a customised weight loss plan and you choose to proceed with it, you’ll get ongoing consultations so your doctor can monitor your progress. You may reach your Moshy doctor via text, voice call, or video chat for any concerns. 

Can I lose weight without dieting or exercising?

To keep an individual’s weight in check, balancing energy intake (eating and drinking) with energy output (non-exercise thermogenesis and exercise) is crucial.[7] Even if you successfully find a way on how to lose weight without exercise or diet, it may be very difficult to keep it off and not regain the weight you’ve lost in the long run. 

According to Healthdirect Australia, physical activity is a crucial part of weight loss advice.[8] Physical activity is any movement that generates energy expenditure, whereas exercise is planned, structured physical activity.[9] There are plenty of ways to stay active other than working out at the gym.

Got questions other than how to lose weight without exercise? Moshy is a comprehensive women's online health platform, so you can ask your doctor for advice outside of topics like what is liver fat and which foods contain trans fats?

Whether you have a weight loss or skin health concern, we understand that it’s not always easy to talk about them. We can assure you, though, that when the time comes that you’re ready to seek the right help, Moshy is right here for you.

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